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How To Change The Wifi Password

How To Change The Wifi Password? When setting up a wireless network for the first time , many users (users) want it safe and secure. The router, which is connected to the network of the Internet service provider , should send the radio signal so encrypted , so that only devices with the correct password access to the Wi-Fi network (often called WiFi network) have.

Such a so-called network key is usually a password of at least 16 to 20 characters and / or digits, which must be entered when establishing a connection between computer, tablet or mobile phone and router.

Routers usually have a factory default password. This is often printed on the bottom of the router or a card with this information is included with the device. However, this can pose a security risk because these passwords could have been accessible to a confusing group of people. Therefore , it is recommended to change such a default Wi-Fi password.

Another reason that makes it necessary to change the password for Wi-Fi may also be that unauthorized people have hacked the network. In order to be able to restrict access again, it is usually necessary to change the WLAN network key. In both cases the question “How to change your WLAN password?” Is usually the focus.

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How To Change My Wifi Password?

If the password for the entire network, so the network key to be changed or recreated, the procedure depends on which router is used. Depending on the manufacturer, the steps or the names of these differ in the respective software of the devices.

the device either through the software or the IP address. Often these are also secured by a pre-set username and a user password.

If users are logged on to the user interface , they must follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to be able to change the WLAN password . However, before you change the key for the network to the new password, you should make sure that the chosen combination meets the current security standards . Therefore, names, important data, combinations such as “123456789 …” or “abcdefghij …” as well as words found in dictionaries should be avoided.

How To Change The Wifi Password

The new network key should be at least 20 characters long, but ideally longer and case-sensitive. The longer a password is and the more combinations of numbers and letters it contains, the safer it is.

An aid for creating secure Wi-Fi passwords can be a password generator. This generates combinations at random. Users want the new password then no longer stored on the devices, one is password management useful to the passwords stored encrypted and the Wi-Fi password to the network at each dial can re-retrieve.

What Information Is Needed In Order To Change The Wifi Password In A Wireless Router?

If the new network key is stored in the router, users must also change the previously stored on the computer or mobile phone Wi-Fi password there. By operating system, the procedure is different here.

How To Change Wifi Password In Computer?

Windows want to change their network password, they must do so in the system settings under “Network and Sharing Center” and “Manage Wireless Networks ” or “Wireless Properties”. Here you select the network where you want to change the wifi password. The WLAN name can also be adjusted here.

right-click on the connection leads to the context menu, in which “Properties” is selected. Here the rider “security” is important. Set the check mark at “Display character” and then the new password can be entered and confirmed with “OK”.

Since Mac OS X, the system usually recognizes a changed router password independently and adjusts it on the device. If it does not work, users can manually change their Wi-Fi password on Mac.

Via “System Settings” and “Network” you reach the point “WLAN”, which users have to click on. To change the wifi password or to adapt the WLAN, a click on the lock symbol on the bottom left is necessary. Here, the user password of the device must first be entered. Users then have to select “More Options” and click on the relevant Wi-Fi network in the “Preferred Networks” window.

How To Change Wifi Password On Phone?

Even with tablets and mobile phones , the procedure differs depending on the operating system. If users would like to change their Wi-Fi password here, they should refer to the user manuals of the respective devices.The “minus” and “Apply” buttons will remove the network and allow it to be added to the device again. The Wi-Fi password, which has to be changed, should then usually be entered when adding it again.


  • Reasons to change the Wi-Fi password can​​ be a hacked network or a default default password. The new password should focus on password security.
  • The user interface of the router can​​ be used to change the WLAN password.
  • Depending on the manufacturer , the steps to change the wifi password in the router differ.​​
  • If the WLAN password has been changed in the router, the new password must also be changed for the devices​​ registered in the network. Here the procedure is also dependent on the operating system.

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