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Network Security Key Mismatch

Security Key Mismatch

If you are sure that you have entered the password for the wireless network correctly but still cannot connect to the wireless network correctly and seeing error network security key mismatch, try one of the following suggestions:

What Is Network Security Key Mismatch

I Have Entered The Correct Password, But I Still Cannot Connect

  • Double check that you entered the password correctly Passwords are case sensitive (meaning that they are case sensitive), so if you did not use an uppercase where you should have done so, one of the letters is incorrect.
  • Try the hexadecimal or ASCII key The password you enter can be in a different way. Such as a string of characters in hexadecimal (numbers 0-9 and letters af). If you have access to the passcode as well as the password (or passphrase), try typing the passcode instead. Verify that you select the correct wireless security option when prompted for the password (for example, select 40/128 bit WEP key if you are typing the 40 characters of the passcode of a WEP encrypted connection).
Network Security Key Mismatch
  • Try turning off your wireless card and turning it back on Sometimes, wireless cards “get stuck” or suffer a minor problem that causes them to not connect. Try turning the card off and on again to restart it.
  • Check that you are using the correct type of wireless security When you are asked for your wireless security password. You can choose what type of wireless security you want to use. Be sure to choose the one that uses the wireless base station or router. This must be selected by default, but sometimes it does not happen for some reason. If you don’t know what it is, try the trial and error method to explore the different options.
  • Check that your wireless card is properly supported Some wireless cards are not well supported. They show a wireless connection but cannot connect to the network. Because their controllers do not have the ability to do so. Try to get another wireless controller, or check if you need to perform any additional steps (such as installing a different firmware ).

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