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Poe Switch

PoE provides power supply as well as digital data, via an Ethernet cable. When it comes to networks, there are several terms: PoE switch, injector, etc.

Power Over Ethernet Switch

The internet has become an essential part of our daily life. To make life easier, there are different types of devices for connecting to the Internet. Similarly, in terms of security, the number of aircraft has exploded in recent years. We find for example connected alarms, IP phones, surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi repeaters, PLC sockets and many others. However, each device must be able to be connected to the Internet, whether by Wi-Fi or via an Ethernet cable. And everyone also needs a power supply. Finally, what you should know is that the more the number of security and surveillance devices increases, the more complicated the wiring will be.

So how do you solve this problem? Recently, Power over Ethernet (PoE ) technology has become popular. However, when you are not used to all this vocabulary, you can quickly be lost. Besides, what is the difference between all these products? This article is not relating to computer processing. Many blogs are there for that. Here, it will rather be a question of seeing the difference between a switch and a PoE injector.

Poe Switch Meaning

A switch is a network device that allows you to distribute your network. So, many people have a switch on their television if they also have connected devices. For example, if you have a TV, a game console, an Apple TV, your BoxTV and the like, everything must be connected to the Internet. For this, the best solution will be to go through a switch . The latter will automatically determine the optimal bandwidth for each device. But there are also PoE switches on the market.

poe switch
poe switch
An example of a basic switch with the TP-Link TL-SG1008D

When connected to other network devices, the power over ethernet switch will detect if they are PoE compatible and automatically turn on the power. The PoE network switch uses the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard. This PoE switch provides up to 15W of power (direct current). Therefore, this is a simple solution for adding PoE functionality to your network using a PoE switch.

There is also the PoE + switch. While the PoE + switch uses the latest PoE + standard, namely the IEEE 802.3at standard. The latter is also known as PoE class 4. This kind of computer product provides up to 30W of electrical power . Thus, the PoE + switch can provide almost twice as much power as a conventional PoE switch. Ethernet cabling system on a switch or on a PoE injector

So to put it simply, we have different categories of switches on the market. We can find the basic switches , for entertainment or basic data. A PoE network switch will automatically provide electrical power in addition to the data. We will see that a little further down. Finally, there is the PoE + switch which is mainly intended for companies or places with a lot of surveillance cameras.

What is a PoE injector?

The PoE injector is used to add PoE capacity to specific network connections . As part of the security network deployment, a PoE injector can provide a versatile solution when only one PoE port is required . For example, if you have to install a single surveillance camera at home, you can definitely go through a PoE injector.

A PoE injector is a small box, the size of a smartphone, which can be installed almost anywhere in your home. It is a very practical small device plug into a PLC socket . Perfect for homes or places that only require a surveillance camera at a specific location. Not all PoE injectors are created equal. As stated here, be aware that this product only powers one surveillance camera. To be sure in the purchase of a PoE injector, it is very strongly to buy this specific device .

Power Over Ethernet Camera Or Power Over Ethernet Injector: Which To Choose?

The PoE switch is an all-in-one box without additional device. Use Ethernet ports to manage both the Internet and power. It is very easy to install a switch anywhere. As for which one to choose, it really depends on your requirements and needs. For example:

  • If you only have one or two surveillance cameras to connect, then a PoE injector for each will be just fine. Another important point to take into account is the cost, lower than a power over ethernet switch.
  • If the PoE switch goes down, all of your cameras will no longer work. But if a PoE injector turns off or breaks down, it will affect only one monitoring device. Hence the old adage, ”  divide and rule “. According to our tests, it turns out that it is preferable not to group all the surveillance cameras on a single device of the PoE switch type. We never know…
  • If you need to replace a PoE injector, you can replace it without interrupting the rest of your devices on your network.

So, according to our advice, it is preferable to have either:

  • One PoE injector per camera in case you do not have many surveillance cameras installed at home
  • Of small PoE switch that will feed one hand some cameras on one side of the house, and also the rest of the cameras. This is where the saying “divide and rule” takes on its full meaning.

Poe Injector For Ip Camera

Why use a PoE injector for its surveillance cameras?

A PoE switch provides power and data connection to PoE compatible video surveillance systems. Everything is done using Category 6 or 7 Ethernet cables. The use of a switch managed by PoE for IP security cameras is becoming more and more common.

Why use a PoE switch for video surveillance systems?

When it comes to power over ethernet technology, some people may think that it is not necessary to buy a PoE switch at a high price. A PoE injector can also power IP cameras (one by one) and save a little money. However, what happens if several surveillance cameras have to be connected together? In this condition, a power over ethernet switch will be the most relevant choice.

Easy to manage and low cost

Nowadays, PoE switches are trending. The most advanced PoE switches allow you to control the operating power of each camera. This allows administrators to restart a non-responding IP camera without going to the location of the camera, which is a time saver, especially if you have to go out the ladder, unscrew the camera, unplug everything, and redo everything in the other direction.

Power and connection over long distances

Connected to a PoE switch, power over ethernet camera can be installed anywhere, even at great distances. In general, the maximum distance between a camera and a PoE switch is 100 meters. If the distance is more than 100m, don’t worry. Between the camera and the main PoE switch, you will need to add a PoE repeater. But this solution is a bit expensive.

Ip Camera Poe Switch Installation

Some people may think that this kind of installation is complex. In fact, it is not. It actually works in exactly the same way as if you had an NVR.

  1. Connect your PoE switch to your internet box
  2. Then Connect the switch power cable to an electrical outlet
  3. Connect the IP cameras to the Ethernet PoE ports on the switch using the Ethernet cables
  4. It’s finish

Note: creation of all Ethernet cables is not equal. Some go from simple to double, and it is no coincidence. For greater confidence and security in your connections, it is highly recommended to buy and connect surveillance cameras with these Cat 7 Ethernet cables. To access these cables, click on the image below.


A PoE switch or PoE injector both use PoE technology. With this system, deploying your network is simpler and has its own advantages. It is important to think carefully about your needs before purchasing a power over ethernet switch or injector. Also, make sure the IP camera supports PoE technology.