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How To Choose A Router

The router is undoubtedly a fundamental piece to connect to the network. It is very important to have one that is trained to respond to all the demand. After all, it is the device that connects all our devices and offers us the possibility of surfing the net. As we know, today’s wifi routers offer a wide range of possibilities. We can surf wirelessly, through cable, they are dual band … In this article we are going to explain everything that must be taken into account when it comes to How To Choose A Router.

How To Choose A Router Wifi

Our router is an essential part for the Internet connection to function properly. It is what allows us to have an adequate speed, stability and avoid problems that cause connection failures. Now, keep in mind that not all routers are the same.

Over time, wifi routers have significantly improved the quality of their connection. They can support more connected devices, offer more transfer speeds and also even more wireless coverage. This makes many users choose to buy a new router on certain occasions.

However we have many options at our disposal. Many types of routers that can have different functionalities. Some may be more designed to play online, others have more capacity for the wireless network, others more ports … What should we consider in a router? We are going to talk about it.

What should a router have

As we have indicated one wifi router can be very different from another. Some may be designed for different types of users, while others are for a totally different segment. Read this router buying guide.

Security features

Something fundamental when How To Choose A Router is to see the security features it has. This will be very important to preserve the proper functioning, avoid network intruders and, ultimately, maintain security and privacy.

What should be taken into account here? For example, we must observe the type of encryption it has. It is true that most routers have similar standards, but it should be ensured. There are outdated encryptions like WEP that can be exploited by intruders with the necessary knowledge.

Dual band

It is also important to purchase a router that is dual band. We already know that we can connect to the 2.4 GHz band and also to the 5 GHz band . Each of them can be useful in certain circumstances. The first is best when we are going to connect from a considerable distance from the router or there are walls and walls in the middle.

On the other hand, the 5 GHz band will be the best if we want the maximum speed. Of course, it must be taken into account that it is more sensitive to distance. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to choose the appropriate band at all times and not make mistakes that could cause a malfunction. Today most modern devices support both bands.

Positive and negative points of the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz band

Puertos Gigabit Ethernet

An interesting question is the number of LAN ports that the router has, but especially that these are Gigabit Ethernet. In this way we can achieve maximum speed when browsing the Internet via cable. This way we avoid speed limitations and that we do not have enough capacity to achieve maximum speed.

Some routers only have a Gigabit Ethernet port and the rest are simply Fast Internet. This means that instead of supporting speeds of up to 1 Gbps they will be compatible with a maximum of 100 Mbps.

Wireless network range

There is no doubt that the range of the wireless network is something that is highly valued by users today. It is a reality that we connect more and more from wireless networks. Today most devices are compatible with Wi-Fi networks and we must have a router powerful enough to offer the best signal quality.

USB ports

The USB ports are very useful on routers. We can add various devices such as hard drives. So we can turn them into a server. It is, therefore, something interesting that we must take into account in a router.

Wi-Fi 6 compatibility

Does that router support Wi-Fi 6 ? We are talking about the most current wireless technology. If we want maximum speed and that the connection works as well as possible, this certainly has to be present.

New Wi-Fi 6 certification speed

Number of external antennas

The number of external antennas is also a point to consider. What’s more, some routers do not have external antennas. Having them or not can help make the wireless signal better.

Tecnología Beamforming

The Beamforming technology allows better focus the wireless signal. In this way the power is concentrated on the devices that are really going to need it. It is another point to keep in mind when we go to acquire a router.

Mobile application

Finally, a very useful feature is that this router has a mobile application. So we can have greater control over the network or home network, change the password, etc.

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