How To Disable Wifi At Night

The  WiFi is tremendously useful, without any doubt, but it is also really problematic. Its configuration is not as simple as that of a wired network in terms of reliability, stability, security and performance. Therefore, whenever possible, it is more advisable to use the  Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet. If we are lucky enough to be able to dispense with wireless connectivity, Wireless, then we may be interested in  deactivating WiFi. And that, obviously, we do from the router. In this article we discuss how to disable wifi at night and why you should?

How To Turn Off Wifi On Router?

The  router configuration depends on the manufacturer, the model, and even the firmware version that the device has installed. However, the basic scheme is the same for any model and, although with the differences of each one, we can follow very similar steps. Therefore, if we are looking for how to cancel the WiFi connectivity of a router, we do not care much about our model, because it will be practically as easy to carry out the procedure on both routers.

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How to disable WiFi connectivity on any router step by step?

First of all, as long as we are going to modify any router configuration section  , we will have to access it. We will do it from any device connected in network – by WiFi or by cable – , although preferably it should be a computer. You have to open the web browser and, from here, access the URL address bar to enter  – or the IP address that we have configured . We will be asked for the  username and password, which by default are usually ‘admin’ and ‘1234’, but could be others. With this, we will already be within the router’s own settings.

how to disable wifi at night

Once inside the router configuration, it is normal that in the left area we have a  sidebar. Where we can see the different settings sections. Here, what we should find is something similar to  WiFi, Wireless or WLAN. And it is possible that this section is within another, which could be ‘Advanced Settings’ or, in some models, ‘Wireless Settings’. Be that as it may, we will end up arriving by one route or another to something similar to  Wireless Network Setup which, in short, are the settings related to the router’s wireless connectivity.

And within this section we have to locate a  button , with a text similar to ‘ Enable Wireless LAN’ ,  ‘Enable WiFi’ or ‘Enable Wireless’ . If it is checked, it is because WiFi connectivity is enabled on the router. Then we would have to leave this box  unchecked for wireless connectivity to stop working. Depending on the router, there may be two different boxes, one for  2.4 GHz WiFi and the other for 5 GHz WiFi connectivity. Obviously, this only happens on certain models that have dual band WiFi.

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is it good to turn off wifi at night?

how to disable wifi at night

Turning off the WiFi at night is good for your health. However, if you bring up the subject in a conversation, you will find opinions for and against. Some believe that the radiations emitted are not bad. However experts and scientific studies say On the contrary. But why do you have to disable wifi and the wireless connection of the mobile phone at night?

Don’t forget to turn off Wi-Fi before bed

In the reports of the World Health Organization explain that a single Wi-Fi network should not jeopardize the health of the family that lives in that house. However they do so together and that we are subject to excessive radiation and waves of all kinds. Since for example, in a block or a building, there is practically a wireless connection at home and that is dangerous for long-term health.

The wireless devices are harmful to health according to WHO by its interaction with radio energy. It affects the human body by heating the surface tissues and affects mostly children. So advised to reduce wireless connection and use wired that significantly reduces the risks.

The risk of never turning off the wireless connection

Any device connected to the Internet is at risk of being hacked. And wireless networks are the favorite method of hackers to enter computers and smartphones and steal the private material we store on it. But it is also that by not turning off the wireless network. We run the risk of someone using it for illegal purposes.

That is why computer security experts advise disable wifi at night. When you are away from home or going to sleep. And when the wireless connection is on, check at least once a day the users connected to our Wi-Fi to ensure that nobody is making non-consensual use of it.

Another of the dangers that we reduce if we turn off the router is that of viruses and fraudulent programs. That there are mobile apps and tools that are used to deceive the user. Although they fulfill their function they are performing other “ scheduled activities online ” without we realize. For example, transmit video, sound or open access to our private network to third parties.