How To Turn Off Router Automatically

How To Turn Off Wifi On Router?

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How To Turn Off Router Automatically
How To Turn Off Router Automatically

So you can  schedule a router automatically and deactivate  Wi-Fi network.

In this way, we disable the Wi-Fi preventing it from being turned on at certain times.

It is a function that many of us will not find useful, but others may find it helpful.

Especially in some situations in which we need to have our router’s Wi-Fi turned off.

For example, in businesses where we want to schedule a Wi-Fi scheduler for our customers.

Or when we want to limit the use of Wi-Fi in our house at a certain time.

The function of automatic shutdown of wifi that many routers incorporate we can put a schedule to the wifi.

This way we will not need any kind of programs to turn off the router automatically.

Why Program Automatic Wi-fi Shutdown On A Router?

Everything will depend on our needs.

Well why we want to put an internet access schedule in our house for our children.

Although for that we already have parental control options that include many routers .

Or because we have a business that offers free Wi-Fi to its customers and we want there to be no Wi-Fi when it is closed.

Imagine that you have a public place, cafeteria or restaurant where you offer free Wi-Fi connection for customers.

Once the business is closed, keeping the Wi-Fi open is meaningless and it would be logical to disconnect the router.

Setting a Wi-Fi schedule would prevent us from having to turn off the router whenever we close and turn it back on when opening.

In this way, we ensure that no one can use our network when our business is not open.

In this and many other situations, we may need to schedule a schedule for our router’s Wi-Fi.

Automatically Turn Off Wi-fi On A Router

We will use a TP Link router to configure the automatic Wi-Fi shutdown at a certain time.

cheap neutral router that has different configuration options for various situations.

Among them, is to schedule a schedule for router to turn off automatically.

To do this, we must make use of the options to create a Wi-Fi network for guests on the router.

In this way, we will have 2 wifis on the same router, one for personal use and one for client use.

It will be this second Wi-Fi network that we program to turn off at a certain time.

Why with a Wi-Fi network for guests?

Very simple, first because we avoid giving our access code to everyone who wants to connect to the network.

Second, because we prevent strangers from accessing possible files shared within our network.

Third because we can configure a bandwidth and thus not saturate our network.

For example, we enable a small bandwidth for our guests.

Meanwhile, we reserve the greatest bandwidth for us and our home or business teams.

And finally, because we can program the automatic Wi-Fi shutdown and keep our personal Wi-Fi active.

To create a Wi-Fi network for guests on the Tp-Link neutral router, we must access its configuration.

We will always do it through your gateway (router IP).

In  Guess Network / Wireless Settings we will find all the options to configure.

Wi-fi Network Bandwidth

First we must activate the bandwidth of our Wi-Fi network for guests.

That is, that part of our internet connection we use for the Wi-Fi network. Set bandwidth in Wi-Fi network for guests

We check the Allow Guest to Access My Local Network option to allow guests to connect.

And the option of Enable Guest Network Bandwidth Control to limit the bandwidth of the network.

In addition, we will have to know what connection speed we have in our network.

It is best to do a speed test and take into account our type of connection, which will vary if it is ADSL, Fiber or Cable.Tool to make a speed test of our network

Then, in the Egress field we write the upload bandwidth and in the Ingress field the download bandwidth .

I recommend 25% of our total network as it is a complimentary Wi-Fi network for guests.

This prevents us from downloading heavy files and saturating the Wi-Fi.

For example, if our internet connection is 20Mb of upload and 2 of download we can put 512 Kbps in Egress and 5120 in Igress.

Schedule Wi-fi On The Router

The next step would be to configure all the options related to the  Wi-Fi network for guests .

Name, encryption, password and automatic Wi-Fi shutdown. Wi-Fi network setup for guests

We mark the Guest Network option to enable the Wi-Fi network.

We put a name in Network name .

We select the type of security with Wireless Security and  the encryption version, which I recommend WPA2.

In addition to an access password we will provide our customers.

If we want to create a Wi-Fi network for guests without a password, in  Wireless Security we select the None option.

Schedule Wi-Fi

To program the automatic Wi-Fi shutdown , we select the Schedule option in Access Time.

We mark Everyday if the programming affects every day of the week.

Or Select Days if we only want it to be effective on certain days of the week.

Star time would be the start time of our Wi-Fi network for guests.

End Time would be the time when our guest Wi-Fi network would no longer be available.

The time is entered in 24-hour format without separation points.

We will only have to save the configuration.

We will already have a Wi-Fi network enabled for guests or customers of our business which is  programmed for automatic Wi-Fi shutdown.

In this way, our clients’ connections will not affect our main Wi-Fi connection at all.

That easy I can disable the Wi-Fi of my TP-Link router when my business is closed and activate it again the next day. Ticket navigatio