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There are many important data of your devices that you do not know, relevant information that is requested daily without you knowing it like the ones requested by your router, that is, the manufacturer, the IP address and the MAC address . This information helps to recognize the devices you have connected to the Internet …

On this occasion, you will know what a MAC address is and how you can know that of your devices so you can identify them. In this way, you will have more control over your devices and you will know who is connected to your network.

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What is a MAC address and how does it work?

The MAC addresses is of 48 bits hexadecimal number, it is of 12 characters and every character is made up of 4 binary numbers, and usually are separated by two points. The first half corresponds to the manufacturer and the second is unique to your device. For example, f8: e0: 79: b4: 31: 32. The first half, which is f8: e0: 79, that is, the manufacturer, which is Motorola in this case, while the second corresponds to your device and the model.

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These identifiers give access to a connection or deny it to certain devices. Each device must have a single MAC address that should not  repeat, however, it can be changed in several ways. For example, some telephone companies, in case a device is damaged and taken to the technical service, they change the MAC address so that it is identical to the previous one and can be given access to the connection.

How to know my address?

There are several ways to obtain the address of your device. We will show you some ways to obtain it according to your operating system.

Mac Address Windows 10

If you have Windows , we do the following:

Press the key combination Windows + R to open run.

We write CDM and give it enter.

Mac Address

We write ipconfig / all

Mac Address

The section that says “physical connection” is our address.

Mac Address

If you have Android, do the following steps:

Go to settings.
Select Wi-Fi .
We are going to advanced options.
Finally, in the background will be your address.

This way shows address of your device and you can manage the connections through your router.