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What Is Mesh WiFi? How Does Mesh WiFi Work?

Mesh WiFi. In certain spaces, wireless networks may fall short and have some limitations when trying to transmit a stable signal over wider radios. However, that can be solved by installing other types of access.

One of the most popular solutions, apart from amplifiers, is the implementation of mesh connections. Then we tell you more about them, we tell you how they work and also, we will see their most significant advantages and disadvantages.

What Is A Mesh WiFi System?

As its name may indicate, this type of network attempts to create a wider coverage radius. Its operation is very simple: we have a central router that receives the bulk of the bandwidth. However, it also sends it through the rest of the house as with conventional WiFi.

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The difference is that this type of connection is helped by satellites or small receivers located throughout the space so that the signal arrives without losses and with better quality.

The main advantages of WiFi Mesh

One of the main positive aspects of this type of access is the fact that its installation is very simple, since generally, the receivers are already configured and it is only enough to plug them in and link them to our WiFi so that they can work. To this, we add more compatibility than traditional amplifiers can offer. 

The most current mesh WiFi components incorporate a mobile app that allows you to configure them from portable media. In addition, as we said a few lines above, they improve the quality of our network in a wider radius.

Some inconveniences to consider with mesh WiFi

Currently we can find an increasingly wide offer of this type of receivers. However, the most competitive tend to exceed 200 euros and even 300, as with those available on Amazon. In addition, they are designed for domestic environments and users who simply wish to improve their access somewhat without delving into other aspects that require more technical knowledge.

What Is A Mesh WiFi System-pros and cons

WiFi mesh, or WiFi mesh in English, makes it easy to cover large areas with a simple WiFi network. But what is it, what are its pros and cons?

WiFi networks have become a de facto standard for connecting to the Internet wireless . It is rare not to find a house, cafeteria or office that does not have WiFi to be connected to the network of networks. But setting up an effective WiFi network when there is a lot of space to cover is not a simple task.

The WiFi has a limited range, and sometimes it is difficult to get good coverage in all rooms of our house. Some of the solutions we already used were wireless repeaters or PLCs. But mesh mesh networks are also a somewhat less known solution that can give us much more coverage.

What Is A Mesh WiFi Network?

For that simplicity facing the user

They are perfect even if we are not experts in technology. As we have just commented, the great advantage is that these systems are simple to assemble. Everything is ready so that it is only plug and enjoy, with minimal configuration.

They are better than basic WiFi repeaters

They are also better than the classic WiFi repeaters that many use now. These repeaters have disadvantages such as compatibility problems, lower power or having to change wireless access. We save all that with a mesh WiFi network.

Setting up your WiFi will stop being a headache

In addition, these mesh WiFi networks usually have an application for mobile devices that makes our lives easier. Setting up the router, activating functions or checking if everything works is much easier this way.

You may only need a better router

If you don’t have a good connection, your WiFi may only need a little push. Can a better WiFi router, without satellites, solve your wireless coverage problems?

They are expensive, very expensive

Being relatively new, and giving everything done, they have a fairly high starting price. We are talking about networks that do not go below € 300 buying in Spain, so make sure you need it before buying.

They are not for you if you are looking for something advanced

If you have a computer profile, or just like to slap and control your connection, these routers are not for you. They are so simple that they do not leave you a great freedom to create your WiFi network.