Slow VPN

VPN services are widely used today on the Internet. As we know they offer the possibility of improving our privacy and security when browsing. For example, they are useful if we are going to connect to a public Wi-Fi network and we do not want possible intruders to filter our data. It also allows us to access content that is restricted in a certain place, for example. Keep in mind that we have a wide range of possibilities to use services of this type, however sometimes the speed is not the best. In this article we are going to give tips to improve the speed of the slow VPN .

How to improve VPN speed

It is a reality that when browsing a VPN the Internet speed is not the best. We can notice quite a difference at times compared to normal browsing. Now this can be increased depending on what type of service we are using and depending on whether we are taking measures to at least mitigate the problem.

Therefore in this article we are going to give a series of interesting recommendations for it. The goal is for the VPN to work as fast as possible. In this way we will avoid Internet speed problems that harm us when browsing. Some small details can greatly change the operation of this type of tool.

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Choose the correct server

It is undoubtedly one of the first steps that we have to take when the Internet speed when connecting with a VPN is slow. Normally VPN services offer us the possibility to connect to different servers in the world.

It is possible that if we connect to a specific server in a certain country it will not work as we would like. This can result in a loss of speed or that there are cuts that cause a malfunction. Therefore, the ideal is to test different servers throughout the world and see which one works best.

Slow VPN

Avoid wireless connections

A basic point always for the speed of the Internet is to choose if we connect by wireless networks or through cable. Logically, if we browse through a Wi-Fi network, the speed of the Internet can decrease.

Therefore our advice is if we have speed problems try to connect by cable. In this way we will also gain stability and we will have fewer problems to achieve a good Internet speed.

Disable firewall

Security tools are very useful and must be present on our devices. However, keep in mind that sometimes they can cause problems. We are talking for example about the firewall , which could block certain connections or make them work worse.

Our firewall could be preventing the VPN from working normally. It could cause a loss of speed and make it run worse. That is why if we notice that this happens we can try to disable the firewall and see how about the speed.

Something similar we could apply if we have an antivirus installed. This type of security software may also affect us negatively on specific occasions such as when using a VPN.

Use another encryption protocol

Another option we have is to use another encryption protocol . VPN services may offer the possibility to change the protocol. They can be for example OpenVPN or IKEv2 / IPsec. If our VPN has at least two options, we can always try another encryption protocol and see if the speed improves.

Restart the computer and router

Sometimes simply by restarting our computer we can solve certain errors. Sometimes there may be a problem that affects the speed of the Internet or the proper functioning of our tools.

The same can be applied in the router. By simply restarting the router, we may solve certain problems that affect speed. Therefore our advice if the Internet speed when connecting to a VPN is slow, a good idea is to restart both the device and the router.

Change VPN

One last option is to directly switch VPNs . As we know we have at our disposal many options both free and paid. We can use them both on mobile devices and on desktop computers.

If we notice that the Internet speed is slow when we connect through a VPN we can always switch to another service. In this way we can test if the problem resides in that application that we use or if there is something behind it.

In short, by following these tips we can improve Internet speed when we connect through a VPn. A way to improve navigation and avoid problems.