What Is Dhcp Client Id

The DHCP client ID allows a team to participate in the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol procedures. DHCP is a network management tool that assigns an IP address to a computer through the network before the computer’s operating system has booted. This is especially necessary in networks where the boot program is available from a network location and is not installed on the computer.

IP addresses

IP addresses are defined by the Internet Protocol. Computers need an IP address to contact other computers over the Internet. However, the number of available IP addresses has been running out for several years. Internet service providers and network administrators use a method called dynamic IP to curb the depletion of available IP addresses. Dynamic IP addresses involve a set of available IP addresses for a network in which the number of computers on that network is greater than the number of available IP addresses. A computer has the same IP address during its Internet connection, but does not need to have the same IP address forever. Therefore, network administrators only grant IP addresses to powered computers.

Table of Contents

Network adapter

The DHCP procedures reside in the processor of the network adapter of each computer. When the computer is turned on, the network adapter processor connects to the DHCP server on the network to request an IP address. The network adapter is also known as the Ethernet card or the LAN network card. It is responsible for converting data from a computer to the format required to travel through the cable. This performs a “Media access control”, which is the task of listening to the silence on the network cable and the application of a signal when one is detected.

MAC Address

MAc Adress is the DHCP client ID which network adapter sends to the DHCP server. The MAC (“Media Access Control”)  is physical address of computer, and is the only serial number recorded on each network adapter. Maintainance of a cross-reference search table between MAC addresses and IP addresses on the network is done by Network gateways that get in the way of access between the local network and the Internet maintain.

Other customer IDs

Because the network needs to maintain a cross-reference between MAC and IP addresses, it is logical for the client to send its MAC address as its DHCP client ID and this is the default form on all DHCP systems. However, network administrators can override this default value and write a custom series of DHCP client IDs on each computer.