What Is The Difference Between Wifi And Internet

What Is The Difference Between Wifi And Internet Connection


Technology often used to distribute Internet connections to non-wired computers.


Is the interconnection of many computers or network equipment by various means. Internet is a global network of computers that can communicate with each other.


Their nature and their objectives (although the latter is rather considered as difference) the one being a technology, and the other being a means of connection, you can have Wifi, but that does not mean that you have the internet connection, the equipment radiating the WiFi must be connected to an internet source to have internet access. Technology gives you access to connect to equipment while the means of connection gives access to pages hosted for miles.

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Do you want to connect to the internet? With which terminal (telephone, computer, house (yes yes the house can also connect), refrigerator, etc.)? There are different technologies that allow it: mobile (3G, 4G, soon 5G), wired (by connecting your terminal to a cable on network equipment that can give access to the Internet), wireless (while having an access point ( Wi-Fi terminal for example ) to connect and be able to surf have access to the internet, so it is possible to conclude that one gives the possibility of having access to the other.