What To Do With An Old Router

The router is one of the most common devices in Spanish homes. It is a fundamental piece so that we can surf the net. Keep in mind that over time they have been changing in terms of safety, quality and also functions. This sometimes makes our device obsolete. It can also happen that we change the operator and give us a new one. What do we do with the old man? In many cases they are forgotten. In this article we are going to talk about 6 uses for our old router .

Repurpose Old Wifi Router

This is the question sometimes asked by users who change the router: do I throw the old one or is it really good for something? The truth is that changing a router is not as common as, for example, changing your mobile. It’s something we’ve all done multiple times, but it may take years for us to get a new one.

The answer we can give is yes, that an old router really does something. We can give it many interesting uses. Of course, it will depend on the model we have, the years it is and of course the state it is in. It is useless to have an old router th

at does not work or has problems that make its operation not optimal.

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We are starting from the fact that we have a router that we no longer use because we have bought another one or we have changed company, but that router really works normally. In this way we can give it a use as we will see.

What To Do With An Old Router

Create a server

One of the uses that we can give to an old router is to create a NAS server . Basically it consists of connecting a hard disk by USB and that it is always available on the network. So we can access the content we save from anywhere else.

Cloud storage is something that is increasingly present among users. A way to create backup copies and be able to access files from anywhere and from any device.

Use it as an amplifier

Of course we can also use it as an amplifier. In this way we can connect from other places in the house. It is a use that can improve Internet speed when we connect from corners where Wi-Fi coverage is not the best.

We already know that having a fast and reliable wireless connection is something that users highly value. We have many types of devices that can improve the signal, such as PLCs, repeaters or Mesh systems. We can also use an old router for this.

Test systems and configurations

Our old router can be used as a “guinea pig”. We can install different firmware , test systems, and perform tests that we would not do with the main router to avoid problems. We can also touch the settings, perform ethical hacking tests, etc.

Create a VPN

An interesting use is also to create a VPN with our old router. This is something that can give us privacy when surfing the web and accessing it from outside our home, for example.

We already know that there are VPNs that we can use at the software level, but we can also use a physical device such as a router.

Use it as a guest network

We can also create a guest network through this old router . It is true that any modern router has the option of creating an alternative network for guests. However, by using another computer we can create a different network. In this way we can also improve our security.

Privacy is a very important factor for users, hence there are many tools to preserve our data and personal information. We can also make use of functions of this type to always try to improve security.

Turn it into a switch

One last option we have is to turn it into a switch . Most routers have only four Ethernet ports. The normal thing is that with those we have enough, even more if we take into account that most of the connections nowadays are through wireless networks.

However, when we run out of enough ports, a solution is usually to acquire a switch. In this way we can connect other computers on the network. Now if we have an old router we can use it for it and save money.

In short, these are some interesting uses that we can give to an old router. Whenever we acquire a new device of this type, we must bear in mind that it is possible to recycle the old one and be able to use it for something that really works for us.